About Patrick Hawley


Some twenty-five years ago I built my first guitar – a classical with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides. I still have and (occasionally) play this guitar.


I knew from this first guitar that someday I would build another and so, eighteen years later I built my second guitar, a Dreadnought, as a gift for my daughter. After that I began building two or three guitars a year on a part time basis. The initial guitars have stayed in my family but as time and my capability progressed, the majority sold either directly from me to a customer or via The Ottawa Folklore Centre. Eventually, I reached the point where I had a small waiting list of people who want me to build them a guitar. In early 2012 I retired as Director of the Reactor Thermalhydraulics Division within the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to become a three-quarter time luthier with the objective of building six or so guitars per year.


Much of how I learned to build guitars came from books and videos. However to say that I am totally self-taught does not give sufficient credit to the many other builders, amateur and professional, of whom I've asked questions and shared ideas, mostly through forums on the internet. It never ceases to amaze how open and giving people are in the guitar building community.


I live in Canada's capital city – Ottawa


Web Site Credits: While I created this web site, I must give credit to two people: The first is Peter Farris-Manning who took nearly all the photographs. His website is: http://www.farris-manning.ca/home.html Second is Timothy Benbow who created a fabulous set of tutorials on how to create a web site using Dreamweaver CS5. I went from knowing nothing about Dreamweaver to creating this site in about two weeks time by following Timothy's tutorials. You can find out about them here: http://www.timothytraining.net