Hawley Guitars


Welcome to Hawley Guitars.


Here you will find information about acoustic guitars hand crafted by Patrick Hawley in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


I build custom acoustic guitars following well established principles of good guitar design. This allows for a large selection of models, woods, hardware and finishes with the end result being a beautiful instrument for a price within reach of most who want it. And if you've invested the time to become a proficient player who appreciates the sound of a good guitar, this is something you should want. In terms of the guitar you play, there really is no reason not to have it all.


The slideshow going on to the left contains a "baker's dozen" of images that should help you visualize the guitars that I build. As you look at these, consider the possiblities in models and wood combinatons. Consider the details such as the inlays and purflings that do so much to enhance a guitars appearance. Finally, imagine the sound that comes from using the best available tonewoods.


It's a golden age for guitar builders and players. For builders, resources and tools have advanced remarkably in the past few decades. As an example, I offer a finish in polyester cured by ultra violet light. Such a durable, high tech finish was out of reach to an indivual builder just a few years ago. For players, the result has been that never have such high quality instruments been available at such reasonable prices. You can own a guitar that is among the best available. And how many things can you say that about?