One of the greatest pleasures a guitar builder can have is to watch and hear someone play well a guitar that he/she built. Lucas Haneman is a musician working primarily in the Ottawa/Montreal regions and I feel honoured that his principle acoustic guitar is one that I made. In the first video you will see Lucas playing an 8 string multiscale (fan-fret) guitar that I made for him that features a low "B" and a high "A" string below and above the regular 6 strings normally found on a guitar. You can also see the 6 string guitar I built for him in the background. In the second video I had Lucas doing a "test drive" of a guitar I built for a customer of Japanese and Brazilian heritage - hence the Brazilian rosewood back and sides and Japanese maple leaves inlay. You can find out more about Lucas here at his web site.





My son, Dave Hawley, is also a fine guitar player. In the first video that follows he demos a large acoustic bass guitar that I made for a client that wanted a stand-up bass sound in an easier to carry package. In the second video he covers Erik Mongrain's "Airtap!" while sporting a mustache in support of "Movember" - a prostate cancer awareness month. The inlay on the fretboard of the guitar is a silhouette of Dave done in mother of pearl when he was a teenager with longer hair.